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What Our Clients Say About Us

    I have discoloration on my front teeth. Dr. Cajulis eliminated the yellowing. My teeth are whiter and brighter now. I feel more confident smiling. Thank you!

    Jacob K.

    This was my first visit to Dr. Cajulis so she just did an assessment of my dental situation. I thought she was very gentle, knowledgeable and experienced. I felt I could trust her with my dental issues.

    Maria E.

    Dr Cajulis was able to repair my retainer so that I can use it for another couple of years. I was surprised because I thought I would need to have a new one made. She and her staff are always extremely courteous and professional.

    Diana B.

    The team there are beyond professional and courteous. Dr. Cajulis and Bahar are excellent and make you feel comfortable, especially for folks who get nervous with dental visits. :)

    George C.

    Dr. Tamkin took her time and was so nice. I trusted her right off the bat. And her assistant Ashley seemed like a long lost friend. Everyone I encountered was so lovely. Would highly recommend this practice.

    Elisa F.

    Very compassionate and kind. Good at providing patient education.
    Office staff is all very friendly....went above and beyond to provide evidence-based patient /staff safety during covid precautions. Ashley, asst, is a gem!!

    Jean W.